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Maria Ilharco de Moura

Versatile and Professional


Through our vast experience in interior architecture projects and the decoration of public buildings and private homes, clearly evidenced by our extensive portfolio, the MARIA ILHARCO DE MOURA studio is keenly aware that every project is individual and has its own aims and budget. Our technical and artistic skills combine to optimize costs and bring a concept to life: the place where you have dreamed of living, working or creating a business opportunity!

Personalized Design


In today's world, space is as precious as time. It is no longer a luxury … It is an aesthetic requirement and essential for our well-being! We live in a time when every square metre is highly valuable … and it is therefore vital that interior architecture and decoration projects be founded on ongoing dialogue with every client, not just in relation to personal taste, but also to meet individual needs. The MARIA ILHARCO DE MOURA studio provides this professional and comprehensive vision.

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